Beginners Monthly Coaching (Membership)
Beginners Monthly Coaching (Membership)

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Online Personal Trainer (Monthly)

Each week, you’ll be coached through our online training center that will allow you to track your macros and chat with your coach! The coach will help increase your mobility, flexibility and strength. Along with helping you reach your fitness goals.

Your personal trainer will help you choose exercises that you can do at home with little to no equipment.


You’ll also be able to request meal plans and advise from your training coach.

Get ready. Your new life awaits.

Terms & Conditions

By joining the Advanced Coaching Group, I am stating that I have read and I fully understand that I will be enrolled and given full access to the Advanced Coaching Group for 30 days. Furthermore, I'm fully aware that after 30 days of my initial Advanced Coaching purchased date, I will continue to receive new fitness videos and training for just $39.95 dollars a month. I also acknowledge that if I do not want to be charged for the Advanced Coaching Group at anytime, I would simply have to contact by email or phone to cancel. And I acknowledge that if I want to continue receiving the Advanced Coaching Group training materials and have access to the Advanced Coaching Group every 30 days thereafter, I would simply just be charged $39.95 (every 30 days from the Advanced Coaching Group purchase date or until I decide to cancel by calling or emailing . I understand that the purchase is covered by the MyOnlineFitnessTrainer's 60-day money-back guarantee. I also understand that to request a refund I just have to email MOFT at ( )  or call us at (855) 207-8699

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