MyTwist Balance & Fitness Board
MyTwist Balance & Fitness Board

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● Special twisting motion helps improve your balance and tone your entire body
● Fit Board exercises help strengthen abdominal muscles, legs & entire core
● Twisting exercises help achieve better agility and stability
● Can help you release stress in a short break at the office

Fit Board Features:

● Made of Extremely Sturdy and Durable ABS plastic that can support up to 400 lbs
● Designed with a special Anti-Slide Surface that makes training safer and more comfortable
● It is a practical fitness equipment, ideal for training even in small rooms
● Easy to transport by adding it to a backpack or workout bag

Tips for using:

● For first use you can hold onto a stable item such as a chair until you will achieve a good balance
● Multifunctional design allows it to be used as a Twist Board, Push-up or Plank Board
● When practice on the board, you can add hand weights to increase difficulty
● Try to exercise 15-20 minutes per day

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